Waiting for Rescue




Many times we don’t take action–or we take only half-hearted action, because we’re waiting for someone to rescue us.

Part of the reason is that if someone would rescue us then we wouldn’t have to do anything. We could stay as we are living our life the way it is now. We can stay comfortable in the life that we know well–even though it may not be the life of our dreams.

If someone would rescue us then we wouldn’t have to leave our comfort zone.

Although, it may be that being rescued isn’t what we really want.

Consider this: Perhaps we want someone to see us and think enough of us and want more and better for us and then do something about it. These feelings and desires are tied up in being valued and being thought important enough that it is worth it for the person to put forth the time and effort to help us. Perhaps what we really want is validation that we’re valuable, we’re worthy of being cared about and cared for; that our lives matter and we matter.

It’s hard to let go of that–looking outside ourselves for validation, for verification of our worth, for confirmation that we have a right to exist.

But we have to.

We must turn away from looking outside of ourselves.

It’s unhealthy to keep looking outside of ourselves for this because we will never consistently get it. Even if our friends and family are the most caring, supportive, and loving people in the world and generously shower us with their love and caring, these people are people, meaning that they are not perfect. They will have days when they are frustrated so they don’t have much love and caring for us. They have their own concerns and issues to deal with in their own lives and, again, they might not be able to give us all we need.

Sounds like there’s no hope for us, right?


There IS hope! There IS something you can do!

You can do this–all of this–for yourself!

You’re the one who knows exactly the love and care you need each moment of the day. You’re the one who can tailor the love and care to your personality and to your specific needs in any particular moment!

You CAN love and care for yourself! You CAN rescue yourself!


Your homework today is to think about the areas of your life where you are waiting for rescue. In that particular area you may need the help of experts, however, analyze the situation and ask yourself what little piece of it can you do. What little bits of steps can you take to assist the experts, making it easier for them to help you and thus enhancing the help that they give you.

As you look at the areas of your life where you’re waiting for rescue and as you take little bits of steps to solve little bits of the problem for which you are waiting for rescue, you will begin to see that you CAN help yourself. You DO have what it takes to move forward, even just a teensy tiny bit. Your confidence will grow. And, as you continue doing what you can to help yourself, you’ll soon find that you are your own rescuer!


You can do it–just take it one little teensy tiny step at a time!

I’m so proud of you for the wonderfully caring and loving way you take care of yourself.


Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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