What You Know to be True


In the US, today is Columbus Day, which celebrates the discovery of the New World. In spite of recent archeological finds where it seems that Christopher Columbus was not the first to discover America, I think Columbus Day is remarkable.

Back in Columbus’ time, the greatest scientific minds thought that the world was flat and that if you sailed too far, you’d fall off the earth. There were all sorts of myths and legends of what was at the edge of the world, that it was the domain of dragons and monsters was one of the theories.

And, it wasn’t just in Columbus’ time that experts cautioned the more adventurous and innovative. This has happened throughout history. It has always been true that when someone comes up with an innovative and revolutionary idea, many experts are there with facts, theories, and formulas proving why it won’t work and, what’s more, how it will wipe out humanity to pursue the new idea.

But those few, Christopher Columbus and those before him and those that have come–and will continue to come–after, chose to believe what they knew in their hearts and souls to be True. They followed the Still Small Voice within and struck out for parts unknown. There were no maps, no templates, no paths. Trusting in the special knowledge and vision born out of the Truth in their hearts and souls, this became their guiding star by which they navigated and made their dreams come true.

Today is the day to celebrate all those brave people who followed their dreams in spite of what the experts advised.


Your homework today is to follow the Truth that you know is right. Be guided by your special Vision that only you have because it comes from the Truth that is bundled with your dream. No one else knows what you know; no one else sees what you see. Not even the experts.

While it can’t hurt to listen to them–because you just might pick up a valuable tip or two–you still must follow what you know to be Right and True.

Take it one step at a time. Break the steps into tiny little tidbits and go at your own pace. Then do those little tidbits!

Don’t be afraid of the glow you see at the edge of the world. It isn’t dragon fire. It’s the sun dawning on a whole new land, and it’s waiting for you!

Go for it! You can do it, I know you can!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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