Going for Your Dreams

Courtesy Honda.com
Courtesy Honda.com


A dear friend of mine purchased a car the weekend before last.  She did quite a bit of research beforehand–exact make and model of car she wanted, fair market value for the car and the trim package she had identified, reasonable financing rates, decent trade-in value of the car she had been driving, and the like.  Her information was detailed and thorough so she was highly confident that she could negotiate a good deal for herself.

And she did!

However, when she got home, she discovered there were a few glitches in the paperwork and some of the things that the salespeople at the dealership had told her were questionable and didn’t seem quite right.  When she contacted them with her concerns, the run-around began.

After a week of being ignored, transferred from person to person to person, dealing with incompetent people who blamed her for their ineptitude, and even being out-right lied to, she has finally made headway and it seems as if within the next day or two everything should be straightened out.

During this ordeal, my friend would confide in me that she was exhausted by the whole experience.  At times she second-guessed herself and felt like giving up.  The torment seemed to go on and on and she didn’t think it would end well.

In spite of her discouragement and in spite of wanting to climb into bed and pull the covers over her head, my friend did not quit.

She did not give in to her feelings.  She didn’t let the situation get the best of her.

She hung in there.

This got me to thinking….

My friend’s experience is a perfect example of what we may experience as we go for our life’s dreams.

We will hit snags.

We will come across incompetent nincompoops who try to blame us for their idiocy.

We will wonder if the naysayers are right about us and our dreams.

We will hear the negative voice in our head telling us we’re stupid to continue.

We will consider giving up and throwing in the towel.

But we also know we have it in us to hang on just one moment longer.

And in that one moment, we will outlast the snag and the idiots and the naysayers.  They will pack it in and go home and leave all the riches and the spoils to us, the conquerors, the victors, the champions.




Your homework today is to take the next step. And as you move forward, hang in there. All you have to do is to hang on one moment longer than the critics, the frustrations, and the obstacles.



Make them give up first!


And they will because you have the special intelligence and you have the particular strength that comes from the dream in your heart. You have the smarts and the guts because you are meant to achieve your dream. And you will achieve it as long as you hang on one moment longer than any one and any thing else.


You can do it, I’m absolutely convinced that you can!


I’m so very proud of you–you’re AWESOME!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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