Forget It!


Of course you will not forget the experiences of the past, and you do not want to. That’s one of the things we are living for—gaining experience. When we have once really learned a thing through experience, we never forget it—it is a part of us. But why bother about the memory of the pain, the mortification, the “slip-up,” the heartache, the wounded feelings, the misplaced confidence, the thing done in the wrong way, the chance you let slip by, the folly, the sin, the misery, the “might-have-beens,” and all the rest. Oh what’s the use? Forget it I say, forget it. ~William Walker Atkinson


In previous posts I’ve urged you to let go of the past, to turn your back on it, and to focus on the here and now with an eye to the future.  Today’s quote clarifies what I meant.

Of course cherish the good memories and the experiences that you’ve had.  The experiences teach you, broaden you, and give you depth.  The good memories lighten your heart and lift you up when the going gets tough.

But forget the heartache, the torment, the guilt and shame.  Remembering them, clinging to them will not do you any good at all!

They will not help you feel good about yourself.

They will not give you the courage to go on.

They will not teach you anything useful.

So forget the negative and bad things!  Remember the good, the happy, and the helpful things!

Your homework today is to live by today’s quote and forget about the bad parts of the past.  Instead, remember when you did do well, you did overcome the challenge, you did believe in yourself and your abilities.  Use this to catapult yourself forward, even if it’s a small bit of a step’s worth.

Use the past as a tool to help you move forward!

You can do it, I know you can!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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