Review Your Week: Fear of Failure versus Fact Finding



Your homework today is to review your week and note where you’re hesitant to move forward, which steps or parts of steps you’re reluctant to take. Chances are it’s because it’s some form of fear of failure.

Instead of thinking of these areas as places where you might fail, think of them as fact finding missions and opportunities to gather more information. From that point of view you’re collecting, much like a child does at the seashore when he or she finds and interesting shell or piece of sea glass and puts it in a pail. There’s no judgement, no right or wrong or good or bad. Just interesting bits that bring pleasure, contentment, and fulfillment to the child.

As you review your week, note the areas where it’s easy for you to move forward. Note what you do—what attitude you have and what self-talk you engage in—that makes it comfortable for you to take the next step. Can you apply these tactics to the areas where it’s a little tougher for you?

Once you finish your review, celebrate the progress you’ve made regardless of how humble or small the forward movement was. It all counts and all adds up. Each little bit gets you that much closer to your dreams. Celebrate it!

You can do it!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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