Celebrate You Month: What You Were Brave Enough to Let Go Of


Letting go is a big one and we really need to celebrate that you did this!

I’m so proud of you for the times you let go of things that were no longer working in your life.

It’s tough to recognize that they don’t help anymore, especially if it’s a person or a cherished hope or a beloved project or even an item that holds many memories. And it’s tougher still to let go–to walk away or to watch as it drifts out of sight.

You did it, though!

And, even though you may have had times of sadness, or you may have second-guessed yourself, you stuck to your principles and did not reach back for it. You let it stay gone.

Good for you! You deserve lots of treats and pampering and all sorts of Good Stuff for this one!

And now you have some space in your life–space that’s being filled with the things that do work for you, bringing happiness with them as they help you move forward.



Your homework is to take time to think about when you let go. Feel the relief; feel the openness; feel the energy and enthusiasm that’s welling up–even if it’s just a little bit right now (these feelings will continue to grow). Let these feelings imbue you with their optimism and their strength. You can tap into this and use it to power you forward!


Now, let’s celebrate YOU! I’m honored to join you in celebrating YOU!

I knew you could do it!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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