Golden Wisdom: Get Out There; Get In Traffic!

Copyright Artisans Workshop Designs
Copyright Artisans Workshop Designs


Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Today would have been my dad’s 89th birthday and in honor of his Special Day, I want to share with you a piece of advice he would give me.

Whenever I would talk to Dad about an idea I had or a problem that was giving me fits, he would always tell me to get into traffic. What he meant was to get out there and see what other people were doing, what ideas they had and what projects they were working on. He said that it would help me clarify the ideas—or problem—I had. He said getting into traffic would help me think in different ways, which could lead to solutions or point out directions to take.

Dad said getting into traffic would enable me to meet new people, give me more to think about, which would lead to additional resources to tap into as well as give me insights.

And, he said getting into traffic would help me feel better about myself and what I was trying to do. I would see that I wasn’t at a dead end, that there were possibilities and opportunities, and that were at least a few people who would be willing to reach out a helping hand.

So, I pass along Dad’s advice to you: Get out there; get into traffic!—Commercial_Style_Western_Hemisphere.jpg

Your homework is to follow Dad’s advice and get into traffic. Take a look around you; how can you get into traffic? Can you join a business organization such as a local networking group for business people? Perhaps it’s taking classes and hanging out afterward to chat with the teacher and some of the other students. Maybe it’s reading books: biographies of successful people or books that are more practical and give you a how-to template to work from.

Important Tip: Make sure you take the time afterward to think about, assimilate, and apply what you have discovered and learned!

Break it down into bite-sized morsels and then “eat” those morsels!

Get out there and get into traffic!

You can do it, I know you can!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


Copyright 2014 Artisans Workshop Designs
Copyright 2014 Artisans Workshop Designs

PS I know Dad is proud of you, too, and he’s cheering you on from Heaven!


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