Your ‘Why?’: What is It?


We all have dreams, yet only some of us achieve them while the rest of us console ourselves with excuses that usually revolve around “if only”:  If only I were older/younger; if only I had a college degree; if only I majored in something else; if only I weren’t so fat/thin….

I’ll bet if we looked closely at what we’re telling ourselves we’d uncover at least one ‘if only’.

We accept these inaccurate thoughts as cast-in-concrete truths, and they’re so pervasive and so subtle that we don’t even realize we’re thinking them.  It can take a lot of time and effort to unearth them and then to change them. This is worthwhile work and I encourage you to make time in your schedule to regularly address this through regular contemplation, journaling, meditation, and good old-fashioned thinking things through.

But what do you do in the meantime? You can’t put the world and your life on hold as you figure things out. So, what do you do?

Focus on understanding your ‘why’.

Dig deeper than the initial ‘why’ that pops into your mind. Turn it over. Look at it from inside, outside, sideways, upside down. Delve into it to find the flame at the very center that’s making the whole thing chug along.

Your homework today is to dedicate regular time in your schedule to thinking about and understanding the depth and breadth of your ‘why’.

It’s essential to do this because:

Your ‘why’ will give you the strength and the energy you need to overcome those ‘if only’s’ that you tell yourself.

Your ‘why’ will give you the stamina and fortitude to withstand the doubts that will creep in, especially when you see someone else who is doing something similar to what you’re trying to do and they’re considered the guru, expert, genius.

Your ‘why’ comes packed full of special Vision, Know-How, and Stick-to-Itiveness that you’ll need when the going gets rough.

Make it top priority to know every little detail, every little nook and cranny of your ‘why’.

Then take the next step!

You can do it, I am absolutely convinced of it!

I’m very proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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