Position Yourself for a Great February!



Yesterday you reviewed your week (click here to view that post). Today, as we near the end of January, let’s start thinking about February.

Your homework is to review January:

Did you get off to a slow start? Are you having trouble getting going? Did you begin the month with enthusiasm and energy only to have it fizzle out as the month wore on?

What are some of the steps you didn’t get done in January that now you’re rolling over into February? Can you identify the reason or reasons you didn’t start or complete them? Were the steps too large, too overwhelming or intimidating? Were you too ambitious with how much you thought you could do or did you think you’d have more time available than you actually did?

Do you need help in completing tasks and projects? Will more education and knowledge help you? Will delegating tasks or partnering with someone help you? Are there items on your To Do list that you should say ‘no’ to and move off your plate?

Use these questions—and others that come to mind—to help you identify and plan how you’ll tweak things so that February will be a great month.


As always when reviewing, take careful note of all the tasks and projects you have completed and all the progress you are making. Don’t pay attention to the size of the progress—whether it was big and impressive or small and easily overlooked. All sizes, shapes, colors, and forms of progress are FANTASTIC! It all adds up—WooHoo!

Make sure you celebrate your progress. Celebrate you, too, because it’s your dedication, your passion, and your stick-to-it-iveness that made the progress happen!

You’re awesome!

I’m proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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