No One and No Thing


Yesterday we evaluated our progress in January and how we might tweak our schedule and break the steps into smaller pieces so that we can continue our progress toward our dreams (click here to be taken to that post).

This morning I was listening to a guided meditation by Dr. Joe Dispenza. It is part of the audio book version of his book entitled Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself (click here to be taken to his website for more information.  Note: this is NOT an affiliate link. )

During the meditation he said that no one and no thing is worth not being loving to yourself. He said that not being who you truly are is not being loving to yourself; it isn’t being loving to others either.

This got me to thinking (even though I was supposed to be meditating!)….

Following your dreams that are powered by the Still Small Voice and your heart and soul is the best way–perhaps the only way–to be truly loving to yourself.

How many times have we held ourselves back, turned away from what our heart and soul was calling us to do, and plugged our ears to the Still Small Voice inside? We didn’t want to rock the boat, to mark and single ourselves out as different.

When we’re beginning to follow the Still Small Voice we’re unsure if this is the right thing to do, even though our heart and soul are jumping up and down cheering and urging us on. We’re nervous because no one else sees what we see or knows what we know.  We look to the outside and see nothing to support what we See and Know.  We listen to the outside for guidance and hear crickets chirping instead.  That’s because our Vision is showing us a way that no one else can see or understand.  That’s because it’s our destiny, not anyone else’s.

When we try to talk to those close to us about it, they may not be as supportive and encouraging as what we need. That’s when we figure we’re a fluffy fanciful dreamer and we should snap out of it, grow up, and fall in line with everyone else.

Don’t do this!

There is more than one way to do something.

Your homework is to continue looking back over January, this time through the lens of where and how you held yourself back, how you put the brakes on or slowed down. And be brave enough to acknowledge the times you turned away from yourself in order to fit in or keep the peace.

Think about ways you can still move forward in a way that is not disruptive and fear-producing in others–especially those close to you. This isn’t because you’re knuckling under to pressures.  You’re doing this because you’re giving the people close to you a chance to get used to and understand what you’re doing and where you’re headed.

You are not giving up on yourself by taking it a little slower for a period of time.

Also, be honest with yourself about the times when you, of your own will, turned away from the Still Small Voice. What can you do to help yourself get up the nerve to take the next step?  Can you break the bits and pieces of steps into tiny smidgens?  Do you need to ask a friend to help you keep you on track with taking steps?

And, once again as you review, notice the times when you listened to the Still Small Voice and you followed through on what your heart and soul was urging you to do. Celebrate this–it’s good stuff!  Yay you!

Keep taking steps! Keep moving forward!

You can do it!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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