Love is All Around


Yesterday’s post was number 700.  Thank you to each one of you for supporting this blog.  I appreciate it very much and I send loving thoughts to all of you!


Love is the Stuff of the Universe and it’s what powers us to achieve our dreams. Love is all around us and we can see it if we tune our eyes to it.

Love from family and friends






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Mother Nature at her finest







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Angle of sight



Your homework today is to look for the little signs of love all around.







You aren’t ever going to make it to your dreams if you are stuck in what everyone else is telling you is the right reality, the right way to think, to act, to believe, to do.


Stick to your own version of reality that’s filled with LOVE!!

You can do it!

I’m proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


Prioritize Your Dreams

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You’ll never reach your dreams and goals if you give them only the time you have leftover after taking care of your job, your family, your bills, your home, etc..

Make yourself a priority in your own life!

Your homework is to take the next step TODAY.

STOP putting it off and promising yourself you’ll get to it later or tomorrow.

You know that’s just a delusion because when “later on” comes you’re too tired or someone or something needs your attention. Same deal about “tomorrow”. There’s always something else that tugs at us and pulls us away from ourselves.

If we let it.


Take that step TODAY!

You can do it, I know you can!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


Review Your Week: Your Baggage


We’ve all heard the advice about letting go of your baggage. The underlying thought is that once you let it go, it’s gone for good.

That’s true in the sense that we’ve let go of the things that were in it—made our peace with everything and have emptied our bag of it all.

But soon we find the bag has filled up.

Yikes! What’s up with that?!

Once again we’re dragging it around. It’s pulling at us, slowing us down, and perhaps even preventing us from flying because it doesn’t fit in the overhead bin or under the seat ahead of ours.


Guard your bag and make sure you’re aware of—and have approved—what’s going in there!!

Your homework today is to check your bag. Take a look at what resentments, hurts, disappointments, frustrations, sadness, unresolved issues, and other stuff that you’ve collected already this year.

Do what you have to do to make your peace with it, then let it go. Get it out of your bag—just dump it out!

Then promise yourself that you will be very, very careful of what’s going into your bag. As we talked about in yesterday’s post about overburdening ourselves with Good Stuff (click here to be taken to the post), fill your bag with gratefulness, things that make you happy, things that uplift you, things that make you so glad to be alive.

Guard your bag!

Remember to congratulate yourself for the good stuff that was also in your bag. Good for you! Celebrate this!

Celebrate you! You can do it—I’m right there with you celebrating you, too! WooHoo!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,




Many times I’ve felt overburdened: work responsibilities, family obligations, bills to pay, friends to help, volunteer activities that I believe in, not to mention doing self-care things such as exercising, pursuing hobbies, and spending time with friends and family.

It’s cliché—but oh so true—that there’s too much to do and not enough time to do it.

This sense of being overburdened makes me feel harried, rushed, and pressured—the opposite of what I want, which is calmness, effectively pursuing my goals,

Perhaps you’ve felt this way from time-to-time.

Recently, I had coffee with a friend and she agreed that she, too, was feeling overburdened in her life. Then she said: We should overburden ourselves with Good Stuff instead!

This got me to thinking….

No wonder some days are tough for me to get through: I’m focusing on feeling rushed and crushed!

Why can’t we overburden ourselves with Good Stuff? Granted, we have obligations and responsibilities, but they don’t block us from the Good Stuff that’s all around us. We just have to shift our focus to see the things that make us happy and make us feel good.

I know this sounds naïve.

But when I’m feeling good about myself I can easily look around me and see things that make me feel happy and hopeful. When I’m feeling happy and hopeful, I also feel empowered. When I feel that I have what it takes, then I am much more effective..

Conversely, on days when I feel like I’m slogging through knee-deep mud, all I can see are problems, setbacks, and issues to be dealt with. This causes me to feel deflated and I am not very productive at all.

To top it all off, I totally miss the Good Stuff right in front of me such as pictures of my friends and family that adorn my walls and tables.


Your homework today is to remind yourself that no matter where you find yourself and no matter what issues and problems are pulling at you, there is Good Stuff all around. Take time today to make a list that you can keep handy. Refer to it often—not just today but days when you aren’t feeling particularly energetic.

Things to put on your Good Stuff list are things that make you happy, give you hope, and uplift you. They can be your accomplishments—both large and small—music you love, images of family and friends, places you’ve visited, things you’re good at, hobbies you enjoy, awards you’ve won, promotions you’ve received, people you’ve helped…and the list goes on!

Take the time to do this!

It’s important to have ways that you can press the reset button for yourself—ways to flip your thinking—so that you can stay positive and empowered. You’ll then be much more likely to continue taking steps toward your dreams!

You can do it!

I’m proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


Make Your Dreams Come True Day!


Your homework today is to honor Make Your Dreams Come True Day and to do so by taking the next step toward your dreams today.

Challenge yourself to take that step that’s scary!

You can do it, I know you can—you have what it takes!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


Pep Rally! Yay, You!

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Copyright 2015 Artisans Workshop Designs


You are awesome because you have what it takes to make your dreams come true!

You are fully loaded and completely equipped with all the talents, gifts, abilities, know-how, and anything else you need

You’re already a victor!

The dream you are working toward is tailor made for you and you are specifically crafted for it. That means you are virtually guaranteed to achieve your dream as long as you keep diligently moving toward it.

You’re in the right place at the right time!

It may seem that you are way off track but actually you are in the right place at the right time. Where you are right now has valuable lessons and gifts for you that you need in order to take the next step. Even if it’s uncomfortable where you are, or even if it’s scary, know that it’s helping prepare you for the next level.

You are destined to live a remarkable life!

You weren’t made to lead a hum-drum, mediocre life. You weren’t made to just barely get by.

You were made for greatness; you were made to have an impact on your world!

The dreams in your heart were put there on purpose and for you to achieve them. It isn’t a mistake or a joke because you have the abilities, talents, know-how, and special vision that’s needed to bring them forth.

You can do it!

Your homework today is to let these statements sink into your heart, mind, and spirit. Let them infuse you with their energy.

Keep these statements handy and refer to them frequently throughout your day—especially when you need a boost.

Allow them to power you forward toward your dreams!

You can do it—I believe in you!

I’m very, very proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


One Brave Thing




In Saturday’s post we talked about treating your goals differently this year so that you increase your chances of success (click here to be taken to that post).

Today let’s talk about being brave regarding our dreams. What’s the one brave thing you can do today that will move you closer to your dreams?

Your homework today is to answer that question and follow through with the answer!

Perhaps the one brave thing is letting go of the past, particularly that event/situation/person that keeps gnawing at you. Not only letting it go, but turning your back on it and walking away.

Perhaps it’s taking the next step. Breaking that into mini steps and even mini-mini steps and then follow through on doing them!

Perhaps it’s learning how to use Google Calendar or some other system so that you can plan time in your schedule to work on your dreams.

Perhaps it’s cleaning, clearing, and organizing your home and work environments so that they support and nurture you in your life and as you pursue your dreams.

Whatever that one brave thing is, do it today!

You can do it, I’m sure of it!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,