Upcoming Leap Day



This year February is 29 days long—an extra day to account for a full year being a little bit longer than 365 days (it’s actually 365.2425 days long.  Click here to be taken to a Wikipedia article explaining leap year.

This month, let’s prepare ourselves to make a big toward our dreams on or before Monday, February 29Th.

Are you up for the challenge?

Your homework is to challenge yourself to either take a few bigger steps or to increase the number of smaller steps you take during February, all in preparation for the leap on Leap Day!


Here’s the leap I’ll be taking on or before Monday, February 29th, Leap Day:  I’m changing the name of this blog from Daily Pep Talks to Yes I Can Pep Talks. It’ll still have the same fantastic content, just the name will change.

Although the switch should be seamless, the new address will be http://www.yesicanpeptalks.wordpress.com, in case you want to know. Also, you can fill out the “Contact Me” page so I can double-check your address after the name change to be sure you are still getting the posts (click here to be taken to the Contact Me page).

If you’d like, post in the comments section what your leap will be on Leap Day. We’d all love to cheer you on!

We can all do this, I know we can!

I’m so proud of all of us!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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