Super Bowl 2016: Go Team Go!

Please note: On February 29th I’ll be changing the name of this blog to Yes I Can Pep Talks. Although the transition should be error-free, please fill out the Contact Me form to ensure you stay on the list. Click here to be taken to the form. Thank you!


Enjoy the game—I hope your team wins!

Your homework is to pay attention to what excitement and enthusiasm feels like in your body. Do you feel it like a firework in your stomach? Does it feel like a sparkly glow in your chest?

What does it feel like and where do you feel it in your body?

Take careful note of this so that when you’re feeling low and you need a burst of energy so that you can take the next step, you’ll know what it feels like and where it feels that way in your body. You can then “fake it until you make it”!

Enjoy the game!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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