Complaining = Remaining


Happy Smile Day today!

When I was at work the other day, one of my co-workers was complaining about a few of the members on the event planning committee to which she’d been assigned. I didn’t listen too closely because (1) I was busy with my own work and (2) this woman seems to always find something to complain about.  In fact, she’s complained before about these very same people on this very same event planning committee–and she’s done this ever since she was assigned to the committee several years ago!

In the past, a few of us offered support and encouragement with suggestions such as asking for a re-assignment, focusing on the goals of the committee and the event that was being planned, limiting her contact with the members that annoyed her, and the like.

But she has done none of this. Instead she seems to prefer to complain.


Her constant griping got me to thinking…

…and I had a revelation!

Complaining equals remaining!

All my co-worker is willing to do is to complain, which keeps her stuck in the same place that she finds so disagreeable.

If she were to take action, do something different–and it doesn’t have to be one of the suggestions we, her co-workers, came up with–she might actually improve her situation.

But then, what would she have to complain about?!

Your homework today is to take a look at all the stuff–from the big to the small–that you habitually complain about.

That which you’re willing to do something about, make an action plan for it and then get busy on it. That which you aren’t willing to take action on, forget about and move on from it.  Focus on the things that you’re willing to change and on the follow-through to change it.

You think you don’t complain? I challenge you to keep a notebook handy–or some type of recording device–and during the day, jot down the things you complain about.  Do this for 30 days.  I’d be very surprised if you were to write to me to say that your notebook was blank!

You’ll probably record things like: it’s just your luck to get in the longest and slowest line at the grocery store; you got stuck in traffic, again; when will your spouse learn the difference between the floor and the laundry hamper; you broke a nail….

That which you can’t or won’t do anything about, let those go and move on. Those things that you can do something about, make a plan and then change it.

But whatever you do, stop complaining!!

You can do it, I know you can!

I’m very proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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