What I’ve Learned: Outside of The Comfort Zone



Today I’m exhausted and I couldn’t figure out why. I’ve been making sure to eat nutritious food, I’m incorporating more movement and short exercise sessions throughout the day, I’ve been getting enough sleep….


Although I’ve been drinking water throughout each day, I suppose I could bump up the amount—not sure I’m getting the full 8 glasses in! Even so, this shouldn’t account for why I’m so tired.

I decided to sit quietly and ask myself what’s going on, why so tired? After a few moments, I had the thought: the comfort zone.


It occurred to me that lately I’ve been working outside of my comfort zone. I think this tiredness is my emotional self’s way of telling me that it needs time to assimilate and get used to the newness. I think it’s telling me to ease up a bit.

So, here is what I’m going to do today to honor the request of easing up a bit (and what I’ve done so far):

~I’m going to brew a pot of Constant Comment tea (Bigelow brand) and have cups of hot tea, with lemon, throughout the day. I can remember winter evenings as a child when Mom was cooking dinner and Dad was on his way home from work…. Mom would always brew a pot of Constant Comment tea for her and Dad. We kids were young and usually drank milk at dinner. It was a treat when Mom would pour a little bit of tea into our milk.


Maybe instead of lemon, I’ll add milk to my tea for a full “throwback” experience.

I am specifically choosing the tea because it is a throwback experience. The tea invokes a vivid memory of when Mom and Dad were young and strong so I was safe and secure in the world. Connecting with this memory will help me bring those feelings of safety and security into my day today. What sorts of things do you do to comfort yourself?


~As I got ready this morning, I took a few moments to do some mirror work. I smiled at myself in the mirror and said to my emotional self: All is well. We’re doing this together. We’re taking it one step at a time and, in plenty of time, we’ll easily see when there are any upcoming bumps in the road. When we see them, we’ll put our heads together and we’ll come up with a plan—we’re smart gals! And, if we need to, we’ll get help. The ladies at the library are fantastic at helping us find resources. And, recently we’ve met a lot of nice business people who have great information they’re freely sharing. We know we can also search the Internet for resources and information. We’ll figure it out—we have before and we’ll do it again! All is well!

I feel better after I give myself a pep talk! What uplifting statements do you say to yourself?

~My playlist! Today I know I need an extra dose of positivity and uplifting, and listening to good stuff is another way I give myself the boost I need. Today I’ll be listening to Ella Fitzgerald. I love her smooth, mellow voice. I’ll listen to the “Pure Ella” album (the 1954 version) that’s my favorite (right now, at least!). I’ll also listen to different songs that are on YouTube: Peggy Lee’s “It’s a Good Day”, The Planetshakers “Nothing is Impossible”, American Authors “Go Big or Go Home”, American Authors “The Best Day of My Life” American Authors “Pride”, Katy Perry’s “Roar”, Handel’s Messiah….


Yes, I know, a very eclectic mix! All of it is music that makes me feel that everything is okay; it’s all working out; all is well.

What’s your playlist?

Writing this post and telling you about the things I’m doing today has given me a boost! Now I can get busy and have a productive day! I hope you can have one, too!

Your homework today is to jot down the things you can do to give yourself a boost when you’re feeling tired, unsure, or anxious. Feel free to use some of the things I’ve shared here.

This is important homework to do because when you’re in the grip of fear and doubt, it’s easy to say that you’ll give yourself a break and back off for today. So often, though, “today” turns into tomorrow and then the next tomorrow…. Before you know it, you turn around and find that for the past week—or more!—you’ve drifted and lost your momentum. When you first notice anxiety or some other emotion creeping in, with your list handy, it’ll be easier for you to hold steady and keep on course.


Make your list! Keep it handy!

You can do it, I’m sure of it!

I’m proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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