What I’ve Learned: What It’s Like Outside the Comfort Zone



Life outside of the comfort zone…in a word: TERRIFYING!!

Fingernails bitten to the quick…stomach in a knot…difficulty breathing….

Feeling lost and unsure because my usual “cookie-cutter” templates don’t work.   And there are no familiar markers or guideposts to navigate by.

I’m positive that I’m going to fly apart and disappear into some sort of abyss.

But I’ve also found that life outside the comfort zone is breathtaking and electrifying.

Because I have no idea where I am and I’m not exactly sure where I’m going, I am fully present in the moment.   It’s amazing what interesting things I’ve come across—not only information and resources, but the people I’ve met who are exhilarating, friendly, and generous.


I’ve discovered that I can handle life outside my comfort zone.  I can figure it out when I come across unfamiliar territory.  And when I’m stumped, I can reach out for help and there will be someone nice who reaches back!

Life outside of the comfort zone is a huge confidence booster!

Give it a try!


Your homework today is to take the next step. Yes, that one that’ll take you out of your comfort zone!

You don’t have to leap or bound out of your comfort zone. It’s fine to take a baby step outside of the boundary.  Break the step into tiny pieces until you get to the baby steps that are just the right size for you.  Then do them!

Take those baby steps outside of your comfort zone. You can keep your comfort zone within sight and easy reach but challenge yourself to stay outside of it for as long as possible.  Then reap the reward of soaring self-confidence!

You can do it! I’m right here with you—no worries!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


PS Please note that I will be changing the name of dailypeptalks.wordpress.com to yesicanpeptalks.wordpress.com.  I’m getting everything set up and I’ll let you know the exact date of the switch over.   Even though the switch should be seamless, to be absolutely sure you stay connected, please fill out the Contact Me form.  Click here to be taken to it.  Thanks!

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