When Things Go Wrong – Update: Little Actions



In yesterday’s post (click here to be taken to it) I spoke of the difficult day I was having and what I was doing about it. Today’s post is letting you know how effective those strategies were.

I told of my friend who was a great help, holding strong for me when I couldn’t do it myself and who also reminded me that she thought I was on the right track and to keep on going.

Later on that evening as I was going through the items on my To Do list, periodically fearful thoughts and discouragements would try to creep in. Immediately, I would think about the belief my friend has in me and my work. I made sure to focus on that good energy from my friend and it helped me keep the worry and disappointment at bay. It was enough to give me a little bit of mental space so that those thoughts didn’t paralyze me. I was able to take teensy tiny steps and get some things crossed off my To Do list.

Today I mailed off the packet to the Heartless Bureaucracy and it felt great. Even though it has me flat on the mat, sending off the packet made me feel that I was at least kicking back. Yay for the underdog!

Doing this shows me that little actions–taking things one step at a time–really do pay off. Even though these situations may not be resolved in my favor, it has already paid off in my increased feelings of self-confidence, and that’s a good thing.


Your homework today is to know that you have what it takes; you can take the next step. Breaking steps into little parts and pieces, and breaking those into tiny bits and jots—and then doing them—really does work!

You can do it!

I’m proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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