Happy 95th Birthday Earl Nightingale


I am forever indebted to Earl Nightingale. Through his messages, he helped me pull myself up by the bootstraps one of the first times that Life knocked me flat. I found his gravely voice comforting and it made me feel that things weren’t so bad. His messages gave me hope that there was enough room in the world for me. He taught me that it was my attitude more than anything that would help me work my way through challenges and obstacles.

Even though Earl Nightingale has been gone now for many years, his work is still relevant. He doesn’t talk about the latest gizmos or gadgets, and doesn’t talk about the latest fad business technique. Instead, he talks about a life philosophy that has stood the test of time–millennia, actually. It’s the same message as what the greatest thinkers in human history have been telling us from way, way back in the day.

Earl Nightingale talks about the very same principles that people like Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, and many others, used to become bigger than their humble beginnings and go on to live lives that impacted the world. We’re still feeling the effects of the fact that they lived.


So if you are looking for direction, I highly recommend his work–click here to be taken to his page on Nightingale.com, the self-development company he founded with Vic Conant.

Happy Birthday, Earl Nightingale. Thank you for generously sharing what you knew to be True. My life is better for it.

Thank you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,




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