Happy First Day of Spring: Spring Cleaning!

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Today is the first full day of spring (it officially arrived at 12:30am yesterday).

Where I live, we were greeted with about an inch of frosting-like snow this morning but, as I look out my window now, the warm sun has melted most of it. Also, on my way to work, I noticed the daffodils are coming up and may bloom by the end of the week. I think spring is here to stay!

I was talking to a friend this morning and he reminded me that this time of year we naturally start spring cleaning our homes and yards. He said that we should also do a spring cleaning our thoughts, attitudes, and habits.

Good idea!

Copyright 2016 Artisans Workshop Designs
Copyright 2016 Artisans Workshop Designs

I went onto the Internet to search for ideas of how to implement this. They advise cleaning out closets and getting healthy by starting exercise routines and good eating habits. They say to get rid of clutter and some blogs also suggested looking at your relationships and dropping those people that don’t make you feel good about yourself.

Then there are blogs that tell you to organize! Systemize! Prioritize! Categorize!

And, of course, there are blogs and articles that talk about 7 Steps to Start Spring Right! 10 Essential Habits to a Permanently Clean Slate! or 5 Steps to a Fresh Start!

Frankly, it became overwhelming and intimidating. I felt as if I’d have to exercise as I’m eating nutritious foods while getting at least 8 hours of sleep as I declutter my closet and home during the time I’m organizing my work space and tossing people out of my life…. Yikes!!

Here’s what I’m going to do instead:


First of all, I’m keeping my daily meditation practice, no matter what. I meditate in the morning right after I wake. I don’t read emails, I don’t think about my day (at least I try not to!), and I don’t think about what did or didn’t happen yesterday (at least I try not to!). And I also meditate in the evenings right before I go to bed—I am washed up and in my jammies so after I finish meditating, all I do is climb into bed.

I use one of several guided meditations by Dr. Joe Dispenza (click here to be taken to his site. Please note: this is NOT an affiliate link!).

I heartily recommend putting aside time at least once each day to do some form of meditation, prayer, contemplation, devotion, rumination. Not only does it put you in touch with your true self, but it also helps you get out of yourself, put space between you and the world, and see that there is Something Bigger Out There.


I’ve found that as I stick to this practice—meditating and then throughout the day remembering to ask myself if what I’m doing is loving to me (something that, during the meditations, Dr. Joe encourages the listener to think about)–I naturally notice what is and is not working in my life. Because it happens almost instinctively, there’s very little struggle to then take appropriate steps to fix what isn’t working as well as to do more of what is working.

Granted, this process can be slower than wholesale tossing stuff out left and right, but in the long run, I find it to be a gentler and more integrated approach. When I let things go, I know it’s because I am totally done with them—there’s no looking back, no wistfully wishing I still had them, and certainly no berating myself for tossing something that I really wanted to keep.

So, my “system” is only two steps: a daily practice of meditating at least once and, as I come across the different things in my life—actions, habits, items, etc.,–then to ask myself if holding onto it is loving to me.

WEB DaffodilGive it a try and let me know what you think: Is this system helpful? Did you come up with tweaks that makes it work better for you? Do you have a totally different way of spring cleaning your thoughts, habits, and attitudes?

Let me know in the comments section below!

Also, if you think this post can help a friend, please pass it along!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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