Review Your Week and Month: Are You Out?

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Your success is not in your comfort zone. ~Barry Skalka, SCORE Mentor

The challenge is not to be in the know but to be in the mystery ~Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D. in What the Bleep Do We Know!?

Are you out–of your comfort zone, that is!

These quotes point out a critical fact about moving toward your dreams: You are going to spend a lot of time feeling uncomfortable because you’ll be unsure of what you’re doing and where you’re going. This is because you’ll be doing, thinking, feeling, deciding, in ways you never have before. Feeling nervous, anxious, unsure, and plain old uncomfortable are normal and natural signs that you are breaking new ground; you’re on your way to your dreams!

Anxiety & doubt are normal signs that you’re breaking new ground; you’re on your way to your dreams! @YesICanPepTalks Tweet this!

To make sure you stay outside your comfort zone, search out that which you don’t know, have no template for, and that makes you stretch and grow beyond what you think are the ends of your capabilities. The good news is that even though, periodically, you may have to travel by yourself, you aren’t alone. Most of the time, there are at least a few pioneers who have traveled a similar path as yours and usually they’ve left breadcrumbs and trail markers along the way.

You may be by yourself but you aren’t alone. Other travelers have left trail markers along the way! @YesICanPepTalks Tweet this!

Action Plan:

As you review your week and the month of March, note the areas–the tasks and the projects–where you are procrastinating. Most likely it’s due to feeling uncomfortable in some form. Remind yourself that this is normal and natural. In fact, celebrate this because it means you’re moving out of your comfort zone!

Yay YOU!

And, as always, make sure you congratulate yourself for the progress you have made–no matter how small–and the times you did step out of your comfort zone–no matter how brief. This is GREAT stuff!

Celebrate your progress, no matter how tiny, and your forays out of your comfort zone, no matter how brief.   via @YesICanPepTalks Tweet this!

Yay YOU!

Let me know in the comments section below about the progress you’re making. I want to celebrate with you!

Copyright Yes I Can Pep Talks
Copyright Yes I Can Pep Talks

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