Change: How to Support Yourself


As we’ve discussed all week, change can be a challenge. It can be hard, uncomfortable, scary; it can get worse before it’s better, but we shouldn’t quit before it’s all said and done.  It’s important to keep plugging along and to head toward the light–or at least the path that isn’t as dark as the others.

It’s important, too, to keep up our morale. Sometimes we can turn to others but we may find that those close to us might be unnerved by the changes they’re sensing in us.  We may not be able to rely on them to be as supportive as they’ve always been.  We need to allow them to get used to the changes in us as much as we need to give ourselves a chance to get used to them!

In the meantime, we can boost our own morale. When we need encouragement, we can read accounts of how others have successfully changed and improved their lives.  We can do some mirror work and encourage as well as soothe ourselves by saying that this challenging and/or uncomfortable phase will pass–it won’t last forever.

Getting out into Nature can be grounding, as can yoga, deep breathing, light exercise, and contemplation.

Other people have found that cleaning and organizing can center them. Many people find that cooking, baking bread, and tinkering in workshops can calm their nerves and steady them.

Experiment with different activities and note which ones work best for you. Feel free to use them as an aid to help you take the next step–even if it’s “just” an itsy-bitsy tidbit of a step!

Keep going!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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