Change: Another Way to Support Yourself


When all else fails and it seems as if nothing works, everyone has turned their back on us, and we’re totally and completely alone, we can turn to Something MUCH Bigger Than Us. Actually, we should probably turn to this first rather than as a last resort!  🙂

Please note: I am not religious, however, I am deeply spiritual. I respect all traditions that honor and welcome all people regardless of race, orientation, belief, country of origin, etc.. The resources mentioned in this post are ones that I, personally, have found helpful. I hope they are helpful to you but, if not, please feel free to search further. And, please feel free to connect to the Something MUCH Bigger Than Us in the way that nourishes and renews you.

Here are a few resources and practices that I have found helpful:

~We can turn to turn to Holy books, other inspirational readings, contemplation, meditation, prayer, and other practices;

~Many people have found The 23rd Psalm to be comforting (click here to read it);

~People have found the Serenity Prayer soothing (click here to read it);

~Desiderata is another passage that can be helpful (click here to read it);

~Sitting quietly in Nature where, I believe, it’s easiest to see and feel the Something MUCH Bigger Than Us.


If you need to talk to someone but you don’t have any friend, loved one, or spiritual facilitator to turn to, then here are two places that are welcoming to all and who I have found helpful:

~Silent Unity, , 1-800-669-7729  or 1-816-524-3550;

~Lakewood Church, , 1-713-491-1283.

There are may other methods, practices, and traditions. These mentioned here are only a few resources that have helped me over the years.

Let me know if there is something else I can do to help you keep going!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


2 thoughts on “Change: Another Way to Support Yourself”

  1. Hi Julie!
    Thanks for commenting!
    I find the same thing as you do: when I start my day in meditation/contemplation then I am much more centered and grounded and better able to handle my day.


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