Difficulties and Problems: Golden Wisdom from Earl Nightingale



As I’ve stated in other posts, Earl Nightingale was the first motivational/inspirational speaker who made an impact on me. Although I’d heard other speakers in the past, it was Earl Nightingale’s practical approach to Life’s problems that made sense to me. For the first time, his wisdom and guidance gave me useful tools that helped me move forward from where I had been stuck.

For #ThrowbackThursday, here are a few quotes from Earl that I hope will help you:

Wherever there is danger, there lurks opportunity; wherever there is opportunity, there lurks danger. The two are inseparable. ― Earl Nightingale

The danger isn’t usually as dangerous as life and death. The danger is actually alerting us to the fact that we’re out of our comfort zone–YAY!–and we need to pay attention. If we’re aware and mindful, we’ll probably see additional opportunities that we wouldn’t have otherwise noticed!


Problems are challenges to creative minds. Without problems, there would be little reason to think at all. ― Earl Nightingale, How to Completely Change Your Life in 30 Seconds

In yesterday’s post (click here to be taken to it), I tried to get across this very point: Successful people don’t have a lack of problems and that’s why they’re successful. No, successful people are successes because they don’t shy away from problems; instead they learned how to solve them–they developed their own methods of dealing with and solving problems.


Successful people are not without problems. They’re simply people who’ve learned to solve their problems. ― Earl Nightingale, How to Completely Change Your Life in 30 Seconds

This is a further thought on what we talked about in yesterday’s post (click here to be taken to it). Some of the richest people in the world are those who actually seek out problems–the harder the better, in their minds! That’s because these people know that by solving the big, tough problems, their rewards will be immense.


When a man is pushed, tormented, defeated … he has a chance to learn something. ― Earl Nightingale, How to Completely Change Your Life in 30 Seconds

We talked about this in Monday’s post (click here to be taken to it) and in Tuesday’s post (click here to be taken to it). Look at problems and difficulties as tools that are helping you grow and develop so that you can step up to the next level.


It all boils down to one thing: In spite of smooth sailing or rocky going, take the next step, no matter how tiny. Keep moving forward relentlessly and unshakably.

You can do it!

I’m proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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