Your Dreams + Action


Dreams come true when desire transforms them into concrete action.  ~Napoleon Hill


Without action, there is no hope of our dreams every coming true. Not in this lifetime and not in this Universe.

We must link action to our dreams.

So I ask you:

What are you dreaming about one day achieving?

It’s great to have dreams. It’s wonderful to dream about being, doing, having what really turns you on–gets your juices flowing and makes a huge grin bloom on your beautiful face.

Dreaming is what adds the spark and verve to your life. Dreams help you discover your True Self and they help you uncover your gifts, talents, and abilities.

Have you taken any steps toward your dreams yet? If not, why not?

You have the raw materials already inside of you. Of course you’ll have to develop them, and that’s part of the fun!  You’ll see just how deep and rich you are!

If the steps seem overwhelming, break them into little bits and pieces, then give yourself a deadline–say, by Sunday night for example–for completing just one little tidbit. Make it as small and as manageable as possible to increase the likelihood that you’ll do it and increase your odds of being successful right off the bat.

Give yourself every chance to achieve your dreams! Stack the deck in your favor by regularly taking little bits of steps toward your dreams! 

You CAN do it!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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