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The reason why we find it hard to change and to stay changed is:

The need to stay consistent with the definition we have of ourselves.

I came across this obvious yet not-so-obvious fact in a Tony Robbins motivational video (Tony Robbins’ 10 Rules for Success).

For instance we’ve defined ourselves as a person who earns only a limited amount of money. As a result, we may not take care of our things and our surroundings because we don’t have enough money to fix things or care for our items properly.

However, there are people in the world who have limited funds as well yet their living environment is neat, clean, and organized. Their items are cared for with regular cleaning and proper storage and proper use so they don’t break in the first place.

What ever excuse — which is really a limiting thought — we’re using to keep consistent to our definition of ourselves, there’s someone in the world–oftentimes many someones in the world–who also have this same circumstance but yet they are choosing a different definition and are taking action based upon this different definition.

Whether it’s lack of money, or being a woman or being a man, or being too old or too young, or being too big or too little, or using culture or nationality or some other seemingly big “unchangeable” thing as the definition of ourselves, there is someone with something similar who is NOT being limited by the very same thing. and Artisans Workshop Designs and Artisans Workshop Designs

Because they have a different definition of themselves.

So, let’s ask ourselves: how are we defining ourselves?  How long ago did we decide this about ourselves?  Who contributed to us accepting and using this definition of ourselves?

Have we observed others who are similar to us but yet living a different life? Can we also see that the world is still intact in spite of the fact that they’ve embraced this other definition of themselves?  😉

Think about these questions and your answers. Come up with a different, more loving, definition of yourself.

You’ll probably find that when you redefine yourself, you suddenly have given yourself permission to do more of the things you’ve always wanted to do.


Do it! Today!

Forward this post on to a friend–thanks!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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