Two Questions to Ask When Re-Visioning Your Goals


We’ve had a busy week with reviewing our goals, considering different goal setting techniques, and then tweaking our goals for the upcoming second half of the year.

Before you write your goals for this second half of the year, though, you’ll need to answer two questions:

~If you abandoned any of your goals, ask yourself why. Give yourself time to answer this.  Perhaps you feel resistance and fear, and maybe other emotions, around this goal.  Note these.  Calmly think about them.  Poke them and prod them to find out why you feel this way, what the emotions might be telling you.

~If you haven’t made much progress on your goals, ask yourself why. Don’t be satisfied with answers such as lack of time, or someone or something is preventing you.  Those are smoke screens that obscure the true reason, which probably has something to do with fear.  Poke and prod and figure out what part of your goals is causing the fear you feel.

Remember that one technique to overcome resistance, procrastination, and fear is to break your goals into teeny tiny smaller-that-bite-sized pieces. Make them even smaller than nibbles or morsels.  Break them into little bits of things that you know are a snap to do.  Then do them!

The more you do these itsy bitsy pieces, the more confident you’ll become. As your confidence grows, your enthusiasm and strength will also increase.  Then you’ll be able to handle bigger pieces and you’ll really see progress.


So, answer the questions so you can set yourself up to have a fantastic second half of 2016!

You can do it!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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