Live the Life of Your Dreams


After I posted yesterday’s message, I decided to have an electronics-free day so I didn’t hear about the shooting in Orlando until today.

My thoughts and prayers are with the survivors and victims of this horror and the families and loved ones who’s lives are heartbreakingly altered because of this.

The most effective way to fight something like this–and all forms of oppression and hate, for that matter–is for us to live the life of our dreams. Perhaps that sounds naïve and simplistic and maybe even selfish, but by living the life of our dreams we show “people” filled with hate–and the groups that promote hate–that they cannot, have not, and will never win.

Our dreams are good–helpful to us, our families and friends, and helpful to the communities in which we live. The goodness we produce from achieving and living our dreams are like ripples on a pond that spread out over the world.  Our goodness connects with others’ goodness and creates a powerful web that can never be broken.

By living the life of our dreams, we show hate-filled “people”, and organizations that support and encourage them, that no matter what they do, they will NEVER win.

I encourage you to resolve today to live the life of your dreams, no matter what. This is the best way to honor the memory of those who died as well as show solidarity with those who have survived.

Join me today in taking the next step toward your dreams. Promise yourself to do a little something every day hereafter that will take you to your dreams.

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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