Review: Goals and Grit


This week we’ve been talking about the book Grit by Angela Duckworth.  Last week we talked about our goals, reviewing them, and re-visioning them (if needed) so that we can set ourselves up for a fantastic second half of the year.

The two lessons from these past weeks have been to (1) choose goals that can get you to your deeply cherished dreams. Forget about the goals that are nothing more than To Do List types of goals.  Think about your dreams and then ask yourself what are the logical things you need to do to get there?  Then those steps are your goals.  Break them into little bits and pieces and then do them!

The other thing we learned is (2) grit, deep desire, and taking action can carry the day. We don’t have to worry about whether or not we have any talent at all or whether or not we have enough talent.  Think of Larry Bird and how his grittiness in the form of relentless practice took him to the very top of his profession. & Artisan Workshop Designs & Artisan Workshop Designs

Take time this weekend to contemplate and ponder this: what it means to you; ways in which you can apply it to your life; how you WILL apply it to your life.

You can do this work, I know you can!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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