Goals and Grit: Words and Phrases


As you take steps every day toward your goals–and you don’t back down one iota from this critical promise to yourself–you may find there’s an interesting mix of words being used to describe you.

You’ll use one set of words to describe they types of action you’re consistently taking and you may find well-meaning friends and loved ones using a totally different set to describe the very same actions.

For instance, to describe your new grittiness, you may use words, such as tenacity, determination, and stick-to-it-ive-ness, and phrases such as ‘don’t quit’, ‘keep going’, and ‘go the extra mile’.

Your friends and family–in an effort to be helpful, supportive, and protective of you–may use descriptive words for you such as stubborn, difficult, and pig-headed, and may use phrases such as ‘you really don’t have the talent that (fill in the blank) has’, ‘you’re beating your head against a brick wall’, or ‘why don’t you try something else because this clearly isn’t working out for you.’


Your friends and family really do mean well. They want the very best for you and they’re doing their best to help you. But, at times, they won’t be helpful.

This is why you must be very, very clear on your goals and why you are striving for them. YOU are the one who sees the Vision, who hears the Still Small Voice, who has the Specialized Intelligence for your dreams. These of yours weren’t given to your friends and loved ones (they have their own). So, you must understand that there will be times when the support of your friends and family comes in a way that isn’t always helpful.

Know this and prepare yourself for it by looking beyond the words and seeing the caring that your friends and family have for you.

Your Friend and Pep Pal,




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