Goals and Grit: Words and Phrases for a Little Something Extra


Happy First Day of Summer!

All month we’ve been talking about goals and grit. I think we’ve discovered some interesting things such as using Abraham Maslow’s system of the Heirarchy of Need to think through the different aspects of our lives. And, if that system isn’t quite your thing, we talked about using more spiritually based systems such as the Eight Chakras.

Next, we discussed Angela Duckworth’s new book Grit and found out that achieving our dreams is not solely based on whether or not we’re talented and how much of that talent we have–especially when compared to others.

Today, I want to talk about words we can use when the going gets tough–when we need to have grit.

When I’m faced with a situation that seems hopeless and I feel helpless to solve it I need something to shore up my uncertainty. Of course getting a pep talk from loved ones is something I do, and I also turn to my playlist of uplifting songs and inspiring messages to give me a boost.

But sometimes, I need a little something extra.

I have a list of words I turn to that I hold in mind and repeat to myself throughout the day and during the challenging situation. I’d like to share those grit words with you in the hope that some of them can help you, too.

Words I use when I need to reach inside and tap into my reserves of grit:

Of course I use the word grit and I’ll also use the words














Sometimes words don’t quite do it so then I’ll turn to phrases such as

hang in there

hold on

come on, I can do it

let’s go

do it

bounce back

get up

push through

move forward

one more

one more step

one second more

onward and upward


I have a variety of words and phrases because ones that have worked beautifully in past difficulties don’t cut it in this particular challenge. So, I cycle through until I hit on one or a combo of ones that does the trick for me.

Do you have a list of words and phrases that help you tap into your deep reserves of grit? Feel free to share them in the comments below!

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Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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