Goals and Grit: A Good Use of Negative Thinking



Yesterday we talked about pep words and power phrases.   That’s all well and good, but sometimes they just don’t help.

There’s positive power in some negative words, phrases, and thoughts. Jim Rohn tells a story of a negative experience that was part of the turning point in his life.

He was in his mid-twenties, married with a young family, and working but not really setting the world on fire. One day he was home from work early and there was a knock at the door.  A young Girl Scout was selling cookies.  She did a great sales job and he really wanted to buy a few boxes–at the time they were two-dollars each.  He couldn’t buy even one box because he didn’t even have two-dollars in his wallet.  He had to turn the Girl Scout away.  Needless to say the experience was humiliating for him and he was very embarrassed by it.

But it led him to say with firm resolve, “Never again. Never again will I not have money to buy the things that kids are selling.”

Jim Rohn went on to be very successful in business and become a world-renowned speaker.

Here are some negative words and phrases that have the power of the positive within them:


Never again;

Enough is enough;

Not in this lifetime;

I’ve had it;

No more;

I am so done with this;



What are negative words and phrases that have helped you turn your life around? Feel free to share them in the comments below!

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Your Friend and Pep Pal,




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