Goals and Grit: How to Keep Your Eye on the Ball



Yesterday’s advice about keeping your eye on the ball was all well and good, but HOW do you do that?!

Of course practicing mindfulness regarding your goals and dreams is one way to keep your eye on them and certainly printing out a list of your goals and dreams and posting it prominently in your home and office is another way.

The very best way, though, to keep your attention riveted on your goals and dreams is to have at least one deeply meaningful and compelling reason WHY you are pursuing them.  If you have more than one deep, compelling reason, that’s all the better!

In Saturday’s post we talked about having concrete ‘reality’ based reasons that are motivating you and on Sunday we talked about spiritual and esoteric reasons of why you were going for your dreams.   The more deeply meaningful these reasons are, the more profound and motivating they’ll be and the “easier” it’ll be for you to push through and press on when the going gets very tough.


Revisit the reasons you listed on Saturday and the spiritual/esoteric ones you jotted down on Sunday. Can you deepen them—make them more compelling? The more you can make them “do or die” type of goals the better your journey will be.

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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