Who Am I?



I’ve been watching TED and TED-x Talks on YouTube. As you may know, the talks feature people who have achieved a level of success in a particular field.  Usually, they have a high level of expertise and have achieved some type of breakthrough in their work.

As you might guess, I’ve gravitated toward those speakers who have talked about setting goals, being the best version of yourself–living a fulfilling, exciting, satisfying life. Basically, they’re talking about living the life of your dreams.

The interesting thread running through these talks is the presenters’ urging we listeners to get to know ourselves. It’s through coming to know and understand ourselves that we are able to discover our Destiny, our True Calling.


When we do this, we no longer need gimmicks and tricks to keep us focused, just like we talked about in previous posts about knowing our ‘why’.

Take the time to ask and answer the question: Who Am I?

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


A few of the TED-x Talks I liked:

The Psychology of Self-Motivation by Scott Geller

How to Know Your Life-Purpose in Five Minutes by Adam Leipzig

The Discipline of Finishing by Conor Neill




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