Renegades Part 1

Copyright Artisans Workshop Designs
Copyright Artisans Workshop Designs


In light of our recent 4th of July celebrations, I’ve been thinking about people who have made extreme, far-reaching transformations, such as leaving one’s homeland behind.

When these people announced their plans, friends and family may have called these individuals renegades, rebels, and mavericks. I’m sure the friends and family also called these individuals nuts, stubborn, idiots, and difficult.  Perhaps there were some who supported and encouraged these individuals, but they’ve also been threatened with shunning and being kicked out of the group.  They were also told that they’d bring scandal down upon the whole family that the whole family would be marked by this for generations to come.

In spite of this, these individuals have gone forward with their decisions to be the person they were born to be.

They felt that they couldn’t do it where they were born so they had to find another place that was a better fit for them and their dreams. So they cast aside safety and security, and stepped out into the Great Unknown.

Of course they were scared, but they were also excited. They were powered forward with the conviction that in spite of hardships past, present, and in the future, they were headed to a much better life.  A life where they could take control of it and fashion it to suit them.

They had an intense, unshakable, white-hot reason why they were bucking the system and challenging the odds.

As I said in yesterday’s post, it doesn’t matter where in the world you were born or which nation you call home, you, too, have this DNA within you. So many people’s DNA went into making you that at least one of your ancestors made a radical decision like this–and you have their DNA!

And you, too, can develop the same deep, burning “why” that can propel you forward in spite of the challenges.

So, go for your dreams. Follow those things you’re passionate about.  Investigate that which interests you!  Go for it!

You can do it!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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