Darkness: Turn Up Your Light!


I was chatting with a co-worker today about the recent shootings we’ve had. We were both still stunned by the senselessness of the tragedies and how nuts the world seems right now.  She mentioned that she wouldn’t say she’s depressed but she’s definitely had enough of the craziness.  She says she takes every opportunity to spend time at home.  It’s a place where she can shut out the madness and have an oasis of calmness and peace.

That’s the great thing about home. It’s our own space that we’ve made to suit us; it’s a place where we feel comfortable and secure.

So, I agreed with her strategy and told her that sometimes we need to take a step back and make sense of the world and our lives.

But then she said something that got me to thinking and is really sticking with me.

She said she’s been thinking a lot about a sermon that her minister gave this past weekend. Instead of directly addressing the violence, he took a slightly different view.  He advised his parishioners to not let the darkness in the world hide the Light that was given to them to share with the world.

My co-worker said that when she heard that, it was like a refreshing breeze that revitalized her. She said that it’s inspired her to not only let her light shine but to also think of ways to make it shine brighter.

She declared that there was no way that the darkness was going to overtake her light!


Sounds like a great plan! Please join us in fighting the darkness and shining your light even brighter than before!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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