Brave Enough



I’ve been thinking about people who have achieved success and are living the life of their dreams. I imagine they are brave–much braver than I am.

But then I read a few interviews and talked to the people I know who are successful. I realized they aren’t super-human brave people.

I realized that all they are is brave enough.

They find enough bravery–they are brave enough–to push their terror to the side just a little bit so that there’s a teensy tiny space for them to squeeze by.

They scrape up enough bravery to be brave enough to choose to move forward.

They cobble together bits and bobs of bravery to be brave enough to take the next itsy bitsy step forward.

So, don’t let some false idea that you aren’t brave enough stop you from rummaging around in your mind, body, and soul for just enough bravery to take the next bit of a step. The bare minimum of bravery is all you need!


You can do it–you ARE brave enough to take the next step!


Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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