Good News About “Older” Entrepreneurs!


I was surfing the Internet during a break this afternoon and I came across an article in INC. Magazine about the current trend in entrepreneurship (even though the article was written in 2013, it still holds true). The media can’t get enough of its 20-something darlings like Mark Zuckerman of Facebook, which would lead you to believe that if you’re 30 or older, then you’ve missed the boat and you’re all washed up.

The very good news is that this is NOT the case!

The INC article talked about the statistics that the Kaufman Group , a non-profit focused on education and entrepreneurship, has gathered that shows entrepreneurship in the younger set is actually decreasing whereas for people in their 40s and older, the numbers are climbing. In fact, the age group of 55 and older is increasing the fastest!

Copyright 2015 Artisans Workshop Designs
Copyright 2015 Artisans Workshop Designs

In Entrepreneurial Startups the 55 and older age group has increased approximately 74% since 1996 and in Ongoing Businesses the 55 and older age group has increased approximately 78% since 1996. The 20 – 34 age groups are decreasing in both these graphics whereas the 45 – 54 age group has had modest increases of approximately 13% and 9% respectively.

This is very good news for those of us who the media and advertisers consider way, way over the hill!


So this weekend as you join me in tweaking your goals for the remainder of 2016, you can put back onto your list starting up that venture you’ve always dreamed of. The statistics are on your side!


Go for it! You CAN do it!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,