Do You Know…?


You don’t have to know every step on the path.

Do you know that right here and right now you have what you need to take the next step–or bit of a step?

You don’t have to know every step on the path!

When I’m driving to an unfamiliar destination, the night before I’ll GoogleMaps it so that I’ll know the roads I need to take. I’ll look closely at the places where I have to get off one road and onto another and I’ll try to find all the tricky intersections or parts of the route that look like they might be a little confusing.

I don’t get too obsessed over the parts that might be tough because I know that once I get close to those roads I need to switch over to or as I approach the tricky intersections, resources to help me navigate them will be revealed. I can’t see them on the GoogleMap but I know when I’m actually traveling on the road, those resources will be there.

The resources will be road signs that tell me my road is coming up, other signs to let me know how close to the switch over I am, and more signs to let me know which lane to get into. There will be lights that will tell me when to go and when to stop and other ones that will help me safely turn across traffic.

Also, there will be signs for rest stops, gas stations, restaurants, hotels, and the like. There will even be signs for state police posts and hospitals.  Everything I need to travel safely and comfortably–everything needed for an enjoyable trip!

It’s the same with our journey to our dreams. We think through the path we’ll take, noting areas that might be a little tricky, but then we need to take action.

Just like when we’re driving and we see road signs to help us get where we want to go in a safe manner, there will be “road signs” that we can’t see at the beginning of our journey that will be revealed as we travel along the path.

Everything we need for a good journey is there; it’s already part of the journey. All we need to do is take action:  take the next babystep and the one after that and trust that the information and other resources you need will be revealed as you need them.

Take action! You can do it!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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