Stillness and Silence: An Update


It’s been a month since I started my practice of stillness and silence first thing in the morning and I thought you’d like an update.

As I told you when I first mentioned my new practice, the only thing I do when I first wake is use the restroom and then I sit comfortably (sometimes I’m slightly reclined), and I listen. Although I may hear the pleasant sounds of the morning–birds chirping, a dog barking, music on a neighbor’s radio–I quickly tune them out. I’m interesting in listening to the world within rather than the world outside.

My mind still tries to take over with worries and cares and reciting that day’s To Do list, but I notice that it isn’t quite as insistent or seductive as it used to be.

I’ve also noticed some serendipity in my life. For instance, a check I was waiting for shows up in the mail earlier than I had expected, thus allowing me to pay a bill on time; I meet with a friend and, while we’re catching up with each other’s lives, she says something that sparks an idea in my mind that then allows me to inch closer to my dreams.

Also, I’ve realized that I’m not as keyed up so I’m becoming more aware of the simple beauty around me. I’ve also noticed that having a more relaxed mindset doesn’t make me late for work or tardy for meetings. Instead, I arrive in a buoyant frame of mind, which is much more conducive to gracefully handling the stressors that pop up throughout the day.

While there haven’t been big changes in my life–no winning numbers to the lottery jackpot!–there is progress. Yay for progress!

Have you tried sitting in stillness and silence? What have your experiences been? Let me know in the comments section below.

Please pass this along to a friend. Thanks!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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