I Coulda Been a Contender Revisited



The Universe is a big place. Like a fine old-fashioned watch, there are a lot of gears, cogs, wheels, and the like that are connected and interdependent.

Particle scientist and Quantum Physicists are laying the groundwork to prove that even the slightest variations in the behavior of quarks, the smallest particles that scientists are currently able to detect, may be able to affect galaxies. It’s known as the Butterfly Effect, where very small actions in one part of a system can have complex and far-reaching effects in another area of the system.

This is explaining another look that we’re taking at what we touched upon in a post last week when we fantasize about how wonderful our lives could have been “if only…”.

The life you’re living–the one you have right here and right now, complete with all the good and bad–you have no idea how it’s connected to the larger whole. And it IS connected. You may never know how you’re connected to the immensity, not even when you move on to what ever is next after this existence.


It may take us perfecting ourselves to the point where we can’t tell the difference between Divine Intelligence and ourselves before we “get it” about what our role has been.

So, because we don’t know–and we’ll never know, at least in this lifetime–how we fit in with all of Creation, we should probably stop torturing ourselves about it. We should accept that we’ll probably won’t ever have irrefutable proof from outside of us that the life we’ve chosen to live–not the ones of our “if only” fantasies–was the best and most valuable one to us, to the world, and to the Universe.

So stop thinking “if only…” and “what if…” and get busy living our lives to the best of our ability right here and right now.


Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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