Elbow Room



Give yourself elbow room today to start the week off right.

What your elbow room might look like:


~giving yourself extra time to contemplate, meditate, pray;


~spending more time with friends and family;


~making out a menu for the week that uses items in your pantry so you aren’t stumped every day about what meals to prepare so you reach for easy, less healthy, solutions…;


~deciding what you’ll wear each day and making sure it’s clean, pressed, and ready to go so that you’re mornings are smoother;


~straightening and putting away “stuff” that’s accumulated that prevents your home from being the sanctuary and oasis in the midst of a busy world;



~relaxing with a good book;


~going for a walk….


What ever you need to set yourself up for a good week, do it!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,




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