Decisions: The Good versus The Bad – An Additional Thought


Ancestors plant the trees; descendants enjoy the shade. ~Chinese Proverb

Yesterday we talked about how the full impact of our decisions may not be understood for years to come.

Today, I have another thought for you: the decisions you make today may not be fully realized for decades or generations yet to come. While you are still on Earth, you may never know the scope and reverberations of decisions that you’ve made.

For instance, in your life right now you may be reaping the benefits of ancestors deciding to leave their homeland for better opportunities on distant shores. Or, perhaps one of your grandparents decided to buck the family system and, instead of learning a trade, decided to go to college. Decisions like these helped not only the person and their own family, but their echoes continue to pave the way for following generations to build better lives for themselves and their families.

So, it comes down to making the best decision each day; don’t fret so much with having all your “ducks in a row”. Of course do your research but then make the decision and follow through. Keep making decisions and keep following through knowing that you can tweak, refine, and improve your decisions, and your decision-making process, as you move forward.

Keep moving forward!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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