Decisions Which Ones?


As summer officially winds down and we prepare to celebrate Labor Day with a long weekend, take a moment to think about the decisions you’ve been hesitating in making or putting off all together. Take a close look at them and see if there is a smaller decision that you can make–a decision that’s part of the larger one that you’re not quite able to commit to making.  Sometimes it’s too intimidating and overwhelming to make The Big Decision.  In that case, break the Big Decision down into smaller chunks–bite-sized ones are the perfect size.

Make that little decision and follow through with it.

Then make another bite-sized decision and follow through.

Keep doing this and soon you’ll find that either the Big Decision is much more manageable or that the bite-sized decisions have solved it.

The bonus is discovering that you’re much closer to your dreams now because of all the little decisions you’ve been making and following through on!

WooHoo! Go, YOU!


Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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