Crisis of Faith/Hope–Isn’t a Bad Thing


I was with my friend this weekend, the one I told you about who’s going through a crisis of faith/hope. She’s still grappling with her thoughts and feelings, yet I can see that she’s gradually finding her way through.

I’m very careful with my friend right now because I know she’s vulnerable and fragile. I also know that this crisis is actually very helpful.  And, it’s a very good sign for her overall personal development.  This crisis is getting her to ask and answer some deep questions–questions and answers that are essential to self actualization.

Some of the questions she’s asking herself are:

~Is this all there is?

~I’ve worked hard all my life; I didn’t think I’d wind up here!

~After a lifetime of supporting and encouraging others: What about me: my dreams, my Destiny?!

~Now what?!

What about you? Have you asked–and answered–these questions lately?  You may have asked these questions last year or a few years ago and, in the meantime, you’ve changed.  Carve out a quiet morning or afternoon to answer these for yourself.

You can do it!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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