Self-Actualization and Goals: The Intangible Ones – Part 1

Copyright Yes I Can Pep Talks
Copyright Yes I Can Pep Talks


The other day, I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine regarding goals and it occurred to me that perhaps I need to talk about tangible versus intangible goals.

Goal-setting books and gurus say that goals must:  (1) be personally motivating–that they’re relevant and meaningful to you; (2) specific; (3) attainable, meaning that they stretch and challenge you but yet you still believe that with effort you can reach them; (4) measurable; (5) time-bound; (6) you’ve put them in writing; (7) and you’ve make an action on which you are regularly following through.
This is well and good if you are striving for dreams that fit these parameters, for instance if you want to visit every national park in the US by your 80th birthday.  But what if you’re interested in esoteric, intangible goals, such as being fully engaged in a juicy, savory life?  It seems like these types of goals don’t lend themselves to goal-setting.  In fact, because of this, you may be tempted to think that you don’t really have goals.

But you do have goals–we all do, whether we realize it or not–and you are using goal-setting techniques to achieve these more nebulous goals. When you’re “looking forward to” or “preparing for” something, even if it is experiential and ethereal, you’ll still use goal-setting techniques.

Be sure to keep tuned to this blog because over the next few days we’ll be talking about how to set these types of goals and how to know if we’re on track with them.

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