A Compelling Reason for Focusing on Self-Actualization



One thing that’s been underscored for me over the last few weeks is that none of us are going to live forever. People die–every single day.   And you don’t have to be old or ill to die. It can happen to young and healthy people as easily as anyone else.

Since the end of July, nine or more people that I’ve known have passed. I don’t know the exact number anymore because I’ve quit counting.   I’m stunned to think of all of those who are no longer here and it feels as if the ground beneath my feet might give way at any moment.

Even though so many people I’ve known have gone, I’m still here. That means I still have the chance to throw off all the stuff that doesn’t really matter and focus on what makes my heart and soul sing.

Join me and together we’ll help each other live the life of our dreams!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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