Tossing Out


When you’re doing your best to move forward and you’ve hit an impasse, one of the best ways to shake things lose, I’ve found, is to throw things out. And to not be timid about tossing stuff into the garbage.

I’ve found it cathartic and freeing to do this–especially when I’m feeling jangled inside, such as if I’m frustrated with my seeming lack of progress or when it feels as if my life and my world is spinning out of control.

While it’s helpful to process your emotions in a healthy way, for instance having a good cleansing cry or pounding a pillow, those releases can take you only so far. Afterward, to really feel as if you’ve turned over a new page or pressed the reset button, I’ve found it helps to do some cleaning and clearing, particularly the clearing out of old things.

I’m talking about the stuff that’s supposedly too good to throw away but yet we can’t seem to drop it off at the local thrift store either. But that’s the stuff that’s holding us back, keeping us tethered to the past or to a part of ourselves that we need to let go of.

I’ve found that it’s hard to throw this stuff away but I’ve also discovered that if I box it up, promising to drop it off at the thrift store, that it’ll sit around my house for weeks, if not months. And that isn’t helpful!

So, take the plunge and get rid of that old stuff that keeps you weighted down and stumbling. Get rid of it and see if you don’t feel lighter, more hopeful, and perhaps even see a way to take the next step.  Let me know in the comments below!  Thanks!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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