Using Your Imagination


Our imagination is a powerful tool in the same way that a hammer is a powerful tool. It can either build something magnificent or it can tear something down; it’s all in how it’s used.

Here are a few quotes to remind you of the power of your imagination and to use it constructively in your life rather than destructively:

Don’t use your imagination to pull yourself down, to defeat yourself; use it to encourage yourself, to strengthen and inspire yourself, to move yourself forward. ~Joel Osteen

Why do we let our imaginations run wild with the worst-case scenarios and how things aren’t going to work out and how it’s going to crush us? Why not let our imaginations run wild with the positive:  how delightful it’ll be living our purpose, how wonderfully we’ll take care of our loved ones, how deeply honored we’ll feel to have a profound impact on our world….  ~Joel Osteen

When your imagination starts to show you the ending, make it show you the rest of the story–that it’s actually a new beginning. ~Joel Osteen


This week keep these thoughts handy–especially the ones that resonate with you. Refer to them often so that you keep your mind focused on a positive track.

You can do it!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


PS Please forward these quotes to a friend.  Thanks!


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