Thanksgiving: Unimportant Differences



Unimportant Differences


         If he is honest, kindly, true,

           And glad to work from day to day;

         If when his bit of toil is through

             With children he will stoop to play;

         If he does always what he can

           To serve another’s time of need,

         Then I shall hail him as a man

           And never ask him what’s his creed.


         If he respects a woman’s name

           And guards her from all thoughtless jeers;

         If he is glad to play life’s game

            And not risk all to get the cheers;

         If he disdains to win by bluff

           And scorns to gain by shady tricks,

         I hold that he is good enough

             Regardless of his politics.


         If he is glad his much to share

             With them who little here possess,

         If he will stand by what is fair

           And not desert to claim success,

         If he will leave a smile behind

           As he proceeds from place to place,

         He has the proper frame of mind,

           And I won’t stop to ask his race.


         For when at last life’s battle ends

           And all the troops are called on high

         We shall discover many friends

             That thoughtlessly we journeyed by.

         And we shall learn that God above

           Has judged His creatures by their deeds,

         That millions there have won His love

           Who spoke in different tongues and creeds.

~Edgar A. Guest


Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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