Year End Reflections A Closer Look at the First Category


Yesterday we talked about our first category–the goals and resolutions we achieved this year.  We also took time to celebrate our achievements, and we added to our list as we thought of additional successes.

Today, let’s take a closer look at those successes we have in the first category. Do you notice a thread running through them? Perhaps you noticed you were consistently great about completing tasks and projects that had to do with being outside in nature.  Or maybe you found that you were really good at keeping up with cooking and preparing nutritious meals for yourself–fresh home cooked meals. Perhaps you noticed at work you have a way of calming people & reassuring them and of moving difficult situations forward.

Make note of what each of these achievements has in common because these are little clues that are showing you where your natural talents and gifts lie.  They’re pointing you in the direction of what you love to do. In December we’re going to be lining ourselves up so that we have a fantastic 2017.

Noting the common threads in your accomplishments this year is important work.  But don’t stress over it!  Just take the light and easy approach like we’ve been doing all along.   Jot a few notes and keep them handy.  We’ll be referring to them periodically this month.

So this is great stuff and I’m excited for you I hope you’re excited too.

Let’s share one of the successes we’re proud of so that we can celebrate each other!  I’ll start things off.  I’m proud of my commitment to sitting in silence each morning and each night.  It’s opened my eyes to see myself and my place in the world more clearly than other techniques I’ve tried in the past.

Feel free to share your accomplishments in the comments below.  Thanks!

WooHoo!  You ROCK!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,

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